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This module addresses planning for your market, based on the information gathered when you applied the strategies for market research in module 1. This module addresses how to put the information together into a coherent plan with consideration of costs, prices, competition, and the particular attributes of your chosen market channels.

Sections include

1.     Elements of a Good Marketing Plan

2.     Marketing Strategies

3.     Getting the Word Out


By the end of this module you should have:

  • Review of competition (Module 1)

  • Price comparison (Module 2)

  • Set of key attributes of product(s) to differentiate your business

  • A set of clear and consistent marketing messages

  • Messages that are aligned with goals and values

  • Achievable action steps and time targets

Learning goals/ outcomes:

  • To learn to recognize and create good marketing strategies and materials

  • To explore strategies to differentiate your product

  • To identify key marketing messages and media

  • To explore basic design and resources for affordable graphic design

Target group

The module applies to businesses that have completed market research but have not developed a marketing plan. The business will also have completed cost and price assessment, and settled on pricing strategies for the chosen market channels.