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Setting Prices for Your Market header

This module addresses the process of deciding on the price per unit for your product(s). The module explores different ways to calculate price, margin and the sensitivity of the models to changes (such as renting or buying equipment).

Sections include

1.     General Overview of Costing and Pricing

2.     Costing and Pricing for Different Market Channels

3.     Options for Costing and Pricing


At the end of this module, you should have:

  • a strategy to calculate prices on each of your products

  • clear knowledge of your costs of production

  • completed forms to calculate your prices

  • some knowledge of the key sensitivities of your model to crop failure, price changes of inputs and raw ingredients, etc.

Learning goals/ outcomes

  • To explore and test different approaches to price-setting

  • To ensure that all the costs of production are considered in pricing strategies

  • To consider different scenarios to adjust cost and price within operations

Target group

This module applies to businesses that have completed their market research and are moving into the planning phase. The pricing process helps to narrow the options down to the best market channels for the business based on this research and analysis.