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Header for Identifying Your Market Summary

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module you should:

  • Know your market channel target for expansion
  • Have completed market research to assess price, competition, demand, resources needed for marketing to that channel
  • Be able to identify the following:
    • Target market
    • Knowledge available and needed
    • Existing and needed resources
    • Match to preferences
    • Next steps (including specific actions for team members to move forward)

Summary of module

This module addresses the first steps in understanding the market for your product or product line. The focus is on market research at various budgets, comparing market options, finding resources and supporters, and choosing market channels that fit your vision, goals and resources.

Learning goals/ outcomes

  • To identify and implement strategies to assess competitors’ marketing strategies

  • To identify and implement strategies to assess pricing for similar products in different markets

  • To identify and implement strategies to assess demand in different markets

  • To explore technical support for assessing markets (self-assessment, surveys for potential customers, interviews)


Target group

Farmers and small businesses with a product and an interest in selling the product(s) to new markets. At this stage the entrepreneur may have identified but not actively assessed potential market channels to know if demand, price and level of competition will make the initiative successful.