About AMI

Who We Are

The Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) promotes new ways of thinking about agribusiness management and aims to increase awareness, understanding and adoption of beneficial business management practices by Ontario agri-food and agri-based producers and processors.

AMI develops business management tools, information, resources, and training for agri-food and agri-based producers, processors, and their business advisors. AMI also creates linkages to existing resources and conducts research to be shared with the industry.

AMI is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. It is led by a Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and experience in primary agriculture, agriculture business, and agrifood processing.


By stimulating ideas and leading projects, the Agri-food Management Institute strives to increase understanding and adoption of business management practices which enable Ontario agri-food and agri-based processors and producers to meet their business goals.


Prosperous agribusinesses through business management practices, collaborations and innovation.


To assess the needs of the industry and equip Ontario producers, processors and agribusiness advisors with better management skills and practices.


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The information provided in the Selling Beyond the Farm Gate resource is intended to inform users about the planning process and of beneficial business management practises. Our resource is not an exhaustive financial analysis of your business and we recommend you work with a financial advisor before making any significant investments. Opinions shared in the video components are that of the speaker alone and are not necessarily reflective of the Agri-food Management Institute's values or opinions.